Luke 15: “Found Things”

Having a nine-year-old daughter is quite an interesting time of life. Your eyes are opened to a world that for some, didn’t even know existed. Oh, but it does. It’s a magical world filled with Fairies, Princesses, Barbies, and American Girl Dolls.

One of my favorite areas of this magical world are the Fairies. If you haven’t had the opportunity, you should sit through one of the many Disney fairy movies: “Tinker Bell,”Pirate Fairy,” and “Tinker Bell: Great Fairy Rescue” are some of my favorites. It’s amazing how many sermon illustrations you can find in one of these movies. That’s why I watch them… for sermon material… really…

In a scene where Tinker Bell meets her long lost sister Periwinkle, they discover something they have in common, collecting lost things. There’s only one difference between the two of them. Tinker Bell calls them “Lost Things,” while Periwinkle calls them “Found Things.”

According to, lost things are “human items that wash up on the shores of Never Land. Fairy Mary initially regarded lost things as worthless in the film Tinker Bell, but Tinker Bell was able to use the things she’d found to create some extremely efficient machines.”

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