Luke 19: “Hang On Every Word”

Since I’m a pastor I have to go to church on Mondays. Sure, I could count my time preaching and teaching on Sunday’s as church, but since that’s a time of pouring out for me, I need to find a time to be poured into. So on Mondays, I go to Brooklyn Tabernacle and am taught by my pastor, Jim Cymbala.

Now Pastor Cymbala doesn’t know me, and because I live in Chicago he couldn’t pick me out of a crowed, but faithfully each Monday I stream the message from that Sunday praying his words will pour into me and fill me.

This past summer Pastor Cymbala and the Brooklyn Tabernacle Singers came to my town in Naperville. Literally two miles from my church, Pastor Cymbala, along with Tim Delina, and Michael Durso, came for a conference. Listening to your pastor online is one thing, but when he’s standing ten feet from you, needless to say, I was on the edge of my seat hanging on every word.

I thought for sure today I would cover the story of Zacchaeus in my reflection, but boy did God have other plans.There are two lines of scripture right before Chapter 20 begins that I want to reflect on today. Continue reading Luke 19: “Hang On Every Word”