Luke 21: “Stand Tall”

High Intensity Discharge Lamps 

One of my favorite gifts for Christmas this year was a set of HID lights for my car. Incase you’re wondering, HID stands for “High Intensity Discharge.” I know, if you’re not a car person that sounds really lame, but I’ve been eyeing these lights for a long time. Still confused by HID light? They’re the headlights that have that slightly blueish tint, you know, the one’s that you hate to see driving towards you or in the rearview mirror behind you. Sorry about that, but if you have them, you know why they’re so great!

I couldn’t wait to get my lights out and install them, in fact, I’ve never been so excited for nightfall so I could see the full effects of my new lights. It’s interesting, even during the day I could see the light shining on the garage, it just wasn’t as bright because of the sunlight. When night finally came, which seemed like forever, then the lights really showed off.

Jesus in Luke 21 is making a very similar point.

With only a few days away from his crucifixion, Jesus is trying to teach is disciples what to expect in the future. In this particular case there’s no reason to wear shades, because the future doesn’t look so bright. Here are the highlights: Continue reading Luke 21: “Stand Tall”