Luke 22: “Trust in God and Keep Your Powder Dry”

Oliver Cromwell before the start of the invasion of Ireland, looked at his men and said, “Trust in God and keep your powder (gun powder) dry.

This is similar to the quote I remember reading from Mark Batterson’s book, Circle Maker, “Pray like it depends on God. Work like it depends on you.”

Both of these quotes lean in the same direction: Trusting in God and having faith are important, but there’s still work to be on our end as well.

As we begin winding down in Luke we find ourselves today in the Upper Room with the disciples. It’s here that Jesus instructs his disciples one last time before moving to a time of prayer in the garden. I have to admit to you, the passage we’re going to look at today was a little foreign to me. I had a, “I’ve read this a thousand times, but I’ve never seen this before, type of moment.

After the meal was over and the disciples were sitting around talking to Jesus, Jesus gives them instructions they’ve never heard before. In fact, it was opposite of the instructions he gave them before sending them out two-by-two.  Continue reading Luke 22: “Trust in God and Keep Your Powder Dry”