Acts 4: “Filled with the Holy Spirit”

I want you to think about this question, maybe even right down your answer: What are all the things you know about the Holy Spirit, or what the Holy Spirit does? Here’s a followup question: How much of your answer have you learned specifically from the first four chapters of Acts?

The reason I ask these questions is to reveal that we know much more about the Holy Spirit than the early Christians. Yes, the disciples heard from Jesus what the Holy Spirit will do among them, but for many new believers, they had to learn along the way.

So lets step into the first days, maybe even weeks of the early church, and look at what they are learning about the Holy Spirit up to this point. For them it was days and weeks, but for us it’s the first four chapters of Acts.

Observation #1: Speaking in Other Languages

In the midst of Pentecost, the apostles find themselves being overwhelmed by the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

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