Acts 15:”Handling Church Conflict”

Because the church is filled with people, it won’t take long before conflict arrises.┬áHere in Acts 15 we see a newly formed church, going through newly formed church issues as they try to understand what this new church is to look like.

Understanding the Conflict

We find Paul and Barnabas in Antioch of Syria doing a wonderful work among the Gentiles. Unfortunately a group of men from Judea showed up and started teaching the law of circumcision. Talk about bait and switch! I’m sure these newly converted Gentile men were more than a little concerned about the prospect of being circumcised for their faith. Of course Paul and Barnabas are against this idea all together. They understand that a physical act of consecration can compare to being consecrated by faith. However, what’s interesting to me is not what they they were arguing about, but rather, how this new formed church was going to resolve the conflict. Continue reading Acts 15:”Handling Church Conflict”