1 Corinth. 4: “Australia on My Head”

If you were around Trinity at the time, the following story will serve as a laughable reminder.

I have short hair, like really short hair. It’s mainly out of necessity since my hair has been thinning since youth ministry. Sorry, I should explain: I compare my body changes not to my physical age, but rather to the age I am in ministry. I blame my thinning hair on eight years of youth ministry. You have to count youth ministry like dog years, take each year and multiply by seven. I now blame the grey in my beard and hair on Trinity, since is started when I became a Senior Pastor…LOL! Back to the story:

One Sunday I woke up early to buzz my hair before church. Pretty standard, but at this point I typically had Caley spot check for any misses or patches. This morning I decided not to wake her and instead buzzed my hair on my own.

All was okay until the service started. When it was time for handshakes a person I was shaking hands with couldn’t stop laughing. I asked what was so funny, to which she replied, “what did you do to your head?” I said, “Oh no, did I miss a spot?”  “A spot?” she said laughing harder. I reached up and felt a yamaka sized “spot” of hair in the back of my head! It was huge!

I took it as an opportunity to share with the congregation that just that week I could feel the door of pride starting to open in my heart. I literally just prayed that week, “God, please help me to stay humble.” Boy if there was ever a time I saw answered prayer, it was that day! Because of my pride, God made me humble.  Continue reading 1 Corinth. 4: “Australia on My Head”